Does Your Vehicle Require Windshield Replacement? Here's Why You Should Consider Mobile Services

The condition of your car's windshield is crucial to your safety. Therefore, if your vehicle is parked at home with a severely damaged windshield, you shouldn't drive it to an auto repair shop. Instead, consider mobile windshield replacement services. In this case, the technician comes to your home to install a new windshield on your car. Below are three reasons you should consider this service over in-shop windshield replacement. 

Offers Convenience and Peace of Mind

Windshield replacement is a fast procedure that takes a few hours. However, the adhesive has to cure properly before you can drive off with the vehicle. If the weather isn't favorable, the adhesive may take longer to dry, forcing you to leave your car at the repair shop for more than a day. If you are concerned about leaving your vehicle at an auto repair shop, consider a mobile service. This service offers convenience and peace of mind, as the technician can work from your driveway or garage. 

Allows You To Shop for Quality Auto Glass

If your windshield develops large cracks while driving, you have to tow the vehicle to a repair shop or your home. If you tow it to a repair shop, you have to buy auto glass immediately. Unfortunately, buying auto glass hurriedly may lead to costly mistakes. You may purchase an inferior aftermarket product or end up with glass that isn't compatible with the car's advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sensors.

A mobile service offers you ample time to shop for a high-quality windshield. Since the car is packed at home, there is no pressure to fix it immediately. You can order original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass locally or out-of-state and ship it to your location. Alternatively, you can shop for quality aftermarket glass that is compatible with your windshield sensors. You only need to call the technician for the installation after purchasing the glass.

Ensures Proper Adhesion of the Glass

A new windshield can fail if you don't allow the adhesive to dry properly before driving the car. Even though you can drive away minutes after the installation, the following factors can cause the adhesion to fail: 

  • Inclement weather: Driving in the rain or snow can cause the adhesive on the windshield to peel off, leading to glass failure.
  • Poor road conditions: Rough roads and potholes cause vibrations that can weaken the newly installed windshield and cause it to crack. 

An on-site service eliminates the need to drive the car immediately after windshield replacement. Therefore, allow the adhesive enough time to cure before driving the vehicle. 

Proper windshield installation is crucial to ensuring optimal performance. Therefore, work with a reputable mobile windshield replacement company for an excellent job.

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