A Stuck Relay Switch In Your Car's A/C System Can Wreak Havoc Year-Round

Your car's air conditioning is something you likely rely on during the hottest months of the year. You also rely on your car's defroster in the coldest months of the year. And obviously, you rely on your car's battery every time you drive your car. Did you know that there's one component connecting all three of these things? It's the compressor of your air conditioning system and a little relay switch that can wreak havoc. Here's what happens when the relay switch for your air conditioning compressor gets stuck. 

What Happens When the Compressor Relay Switch Gets Stuck Open?

The compressor for your air conditioning system in your car is what produces the cold air when you turn on the air conditioner. It also removes moisture from the air, which is why it is part of your defrost system as well. When you turn the air conditioning or defrost on in your car, the relay switch for the compressor gets turned on. This is what tells the valves how to regulate the refrigerant flow so the compressor will work.

So if the relay switch gets stuck in the on position, it causes the valves to continuously let refrigerant flow, which in turn tells your compressor to constantly work. This happens even if the vehicle's ignition is off and is why the battery will drain quickly when this relay is stuck. It can also drain the battery quickly while you are driving if you turn your air conditioner or defrost on and the switch is faulty. 

Does a Bad Compressor Relay Switch Need Repair? 

Of course, if you want to use the air conditioning system, you'll need to have the relay switch repaired and the entire air conditioning system checked over. Now, you may be wondering if it's even cost-effective to repair the air conditioner at the moment if summer is months away. You'll obviously want to repair it due to the relay draining your battery, but the relay switch can be simply disconnected to prevent the battery from draining as a temporary fix until you can get your car to an auto repair shop for air conditioning repair. 

Just keep in mind that the compressor is also used in the coldest months of the year when you select the defroster, since it works to remove the moisture from the air so dry, heated air is directed to your windshield to defrost it when necessary.

For more information, contact car air conditioning repair services in your area.

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