Tire Maintenance To Plan For As The Seasons Change

When the seasons change, there is car maintenance that needs to be done. However, you don't want to overlook your tires. You should check them for wear and have them changed if needed. You may also want to have them balanced to reduce the wear and tear of suspension components. The following information will help you with the maintenance that needs to be done to your tires as the seasons change:

Checking the Treads and Changing Tires

The treads of tires are the first area where you want to look for problems. They may be severely worn, or you may still have winter treads on your car. You should consider changing your tires to ensure good handling as the seasons and weather change. Signs of wear that you want to look for when checking tire treads include:

  • Smooth edges at sidewalls due to too much pressure
  • Wear to one side or one tire due to balancing issues
  • Treads that have worn down to the belt layer

The treads of your tire can wear evenly but still need to be changed. Therefore, you will want to have a professional tire dealer inspect your tires for signs of wear and defects.

Rotating and Balancing Tires

The tires on your car can also wear unevenly. Tires need to be rotated and balanced to prevent issues with handling. These are part of the maintenance services that a tire dealer will be able to provide. Some of the things that you will want to do when rotating and balancing your tires include:

  • Inspecting suspension components
  • Checking rims for signs of damage
  • Making sure balancing weights are intact
  • Using evenly worn tires for rotating

The rotation of your tires is a good way to reduce wear and ensure good handling. This will give you more life out of the treads and keep you safe while traveling on roads.

Checking the Pressure and Repairing Leaks

Sometimes, low tire pressure can be caused by punctures and wear. Thus, it is important to check the air in your tires regularly. You want to check the air pressure and look for signs of leaks if tires are low on air. If the damage is a minor puncture, you may be able to have it patched. Usually, the best option is to replace the tire to ensure you don't have any blowouts. If there is damage to the sidewalls of tires, you always want to replace them for your car's safety.

The tire maintenance you start with will ensure your car is safe on the roads as the seasons change. Contact a tire service for more information.

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