Preparing Your Windshield For Winter

If you live in a cold part of the country, you know how much work goes into preparing things for winter. The sprinklers need to be blown out, air conditioning units covered, and your leaves picked up one last time. Did you know that you should also be taking care of your car's windshield? You use your car as transportation every day, and if you don't want to be out in the freezing temperatures doing this maintenance, here are some things you should do to prepare your windshield for winter.

Have Cracks and Rock Chips Repaired

If you have any cracks or rock chips, you're going to want to look for windshield replacement or repair now. A tiny crack can spread quickly with any drastic temperature change. This is because the glass will expand in warm temperatures and contract in the cold. This slight movement can cause major issues. Rock chips can lead to cracking and can be such an easy windshield repair to save you money before you have to replace the whole thing. An auto service shop can do the windshield repair and fill in the chips with a strong resin that helps to stabilize the area that was damaged. If your crack is too big to be filled, you will want to have windshield replacement services before winter hits. Your windshield is supposed to help protect drivers, and if its stability is compromised, it won't be able to provide the strong protection it's meant to.

Invest in a Windshield Cover

Did you know there are windshield covers? These covers attach to the outside of the windshield and cover the glass so that you never have to scrape ice off in the winter. Some are magnetic and have sides that stick to parts of the car to keep it on the window. Others will wrap around your side mirrors to stay secure. There will be no more having the engine run for a half-hour to help get it defrosted. It will save you so much time in bad weather and help your morning commute routine go smoothly. 

Inspect Wiper Fluid and Wipers

Inspecting your wiper fluid levels can be crucial in bad weather. Trucks are notorious for spraying mud and sleet on other vehicles, and any situation where you can't safely see while driving is dangerous. Having the right wiper fluid and making sure it is filled can help you in this situation. Look at your wiper blades and make sure they are functioning well and don't need to be replaced. 

Preparing your windshield for winter can keep you safe and warm. Use these tips to get ready and help keep the roads safe!

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