Understanding the Importance of Having Good Maintenance for Your Vehicle's Transmission

It's the transmission that moves power from the engine to the wheels of your car when you engage the ignition of your vehicle. Engine speed is also regulated by the transmission, so your transmission must be always working well. It is designed to prevent your vehicle's engine from spinning out of control. If you ever encounter problems with the transmission, consult an auto repair shop to diagnose and repair the transmission.

You have to be knowledgeable about the transmission. Mistakes you make can ruin your transmission. Those mistakes are brought on by your lack of understanding of how the transmission works. Knowledge will determine how long your automatic transmission will last. Here are a few things to know to ensure that you keep your transmission in good running order. 

1. Vehicle Life Service Is Important as Your Health Checkups

A good transmission gives your vehicle a long life service. It's like your primary physician who ensures that you maintain a healthy lifestyle by advising you about eating the right type of meals and exercising, which blocks dangerous diseases from entering your body.

2. Oil Changes and Other Maintenance Tasks Are Also Important

When you bring the vehicle in for its regular oil change maintenance every few months, your technician will perform items on the shop's check-off list, which includes the transmission as well. If it's not on the list, ask that the transmission be examined as well.

3. Service the Transmission Regularly

You must have your transmission serviced or else environmental contaminants and dirt will build up. That activity causes the transmission to become slow in reaction and will cause other problems over time. Some experts suggest that you have the option of not waiting for problems to develop and to simply have the transmission serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. You can discuss this option with your auto shop owner or the technician who will service your vehicle.

4. Do It Yourself

There are key elements you should consider if you're the one servicing the transmission. However, you must be sure of what you are doing to know the difference between fluid flushing or a fluid change. A fluid change means you'll be changing 4 to 6 quarts of fluid. You should be replacing the filter, cleaning the screen, or replacing the gasket if these three functions are applicable. A fluid flush differs in that fluid changed will be 10 to 12 quarts. Filter replacement and screen cleaning are done if applicable.

For more information about maintaining or repairing a transmission, contact companies like Northern Brake and Transmission.

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