Repairing Your Car Windows' Stone Chips

Auto glass damage can be a major problem that vehicle owners will have to address if they are to keep their vehicle safe to operate. Stone chips can be a common source of damage to your auto glass, but it is a reality that many people will simply underestimate the severity of the threat that this damage will pose as well as the steps involved with repairing it.

What Makes Small Stone Chips Serious Problems?

Auto glass chips from small stones will often be extremely small. This can lead to individuals having a false conclusion that these chips will not be a serious problem. In reality, these small damages can still be able to expand in size. When this occurs, the damage to the glass can greatly worsen to the point where you may not be able to see out of it. Also, serious damage to the auto glass may not be repairable without completely replacing it.

Will The Repaired Glass Be Vulnerable To Future Damage?

It might seem like the repairs that are done for auto glass will leave it fairly weakened in the future. Yet, these repairs are actually extremely durable, and they can greatly increase the strength of the glass. As a result, you should not expect to encounter serious problems with the glass once it has been professionally repaired. While there are home repair kits that you may use to attempt to repair your own auto glass, the results from these solutions will be far less reliable or effective than what professional services will be able to provide. Also, your insurance may pay for the costs of professional glass repair services, which can make it a more affordable option.

How Long Will You Be Unable To Drive Your Car?

Once you have gotten stone chip repair services, you may not be able to drive the car for at least a short period of time. This will be due to the fact that the resin that was used to repair the damage must fully cure. In most cases, you will be able to drive the car very soon after this work has been done, but this will often rely on the weather being clear. The repaired glass must be kept dry for the first couple of days so that it can fully cure, and you will want to check the weather so you can better avoid driving the car in these conditions. This will also apply to washing the vehicle, which you will want to avoid doing during this period.

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