3 Signs Your Car May Need Repair Services

Some people who drive vehicles might not know a lot about the cars they drive. They just view their vehicle as a way to get around from one location to another. For those who don't know much about their car, they should at least know some of the signs their vehicle needs car repair services. Continuing to drive a car when it is in need of repairs could cause bigger and more expensive problems down the road.

If you have a vehicle but don't know much about them, here are three signs it may need car repair services.

1. The Check Engine Light Comes On

About three in every 10 drivers in the United States ignore the check engine light when it comes on. These drivers who ignore their check engine light say that they wait a month or more before receiving car repair services.

While the check engine light might come on for no apparent reason, drivers should get concerned when their check engine light starts flashing. A flashing check engine light is an indication that the vehicle's engine is misfiring. When the engine misfires, it raises the temperature of the catalytic converter. This problem has the potential to damage the engine.

2. The Vehicle Slips Out of Gear

When you put your car in a specific gear, it is supposed to stay in that gear until you change it. When your car slips out of gear on its own, it could be a sign that your transmission fluid levels are too low. It could also indicate a problem with your vehicle's transmission. Here are some other signs there is something wrong with the transmission:

  • Your car jerks when shifting gears.
  • When shifting the vehicle into gear, it is rough rather than smooth.
  • When shifting from drive to reverse, there is a slight pause.

If you notice any of these signs, the first thing you should check is your transmission fluid. If the levels are fine, you should have a car repair services professional look at your transmission.

3. Your Car Makes Strange Noises

It's typical for older cars to make some noise when they are being driven. However, if you hear strange noises coming from your vehicle, it may be in need of repair. For example, if you hear a screeching noise coming from underneath the hood, your serpentine belt might be loose or it may need to be replaced.

Other strange sounds you shouldn't ignore include rattling noises underneath the car, squealing sounds when applying the brakes, and ticking sounds from your engine.

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