Signs Your Vehicle Needs To Be Serviced

You know the routine. Those pesky doctor visits you have to go to annually. While a minor inconvenience, they can help save your life. So when was the last time you took your vehicle in for an auto repair check-up? It's important to practice good, routine maintenance with your motor vehicle sooner rather than later. Notice any issues at the moment? Here are some common issues and why it's important to get it checked out.

Engine Noises

Have you been experiencing bizarre engine noises when your car starts up? Or maybe when it's been running for an extended period of time? Strange out-of-place noises are a true indicator you need to get it serviced. The culprit could be anything from a hole in the muffler or loose belt to a more serious issue like a leaking head gasket that could lead to engine failure. Call a local auto repair service center for a complete diagnostic workup.

Strange Smells 

When you have your car running, do you notice any overwhelming smells? Fluid loss is a sign that your engine is not working properly. Oil leaking on the engine has a scent that can be recognized through your venting system or when the car is idling. Sweeter smells may indicate that the vehicle's transmission is in distress. Any type of fluid loss could be wear and tear on internal rings and bearings.  

Any Red Light

We've all been guilty of turning our car on and seeing a red engine or oil light and putting it in gear. The red light is signaling the need for a service and inspection. It could be something as simple as a fluid top-up or more serious like a bad alternator. 

Temperature Gauge Fluctuation

When the temperature gauge on the dashboard starts rising, it's a signal of trouble ahead. Low fluid levels caused by poor maintenance can be the trigger for this to show up on your dash. In addition, a bad radiator, faulty fan, or thermostat could also be to blame. Ignoring it could lead to total engine breakdown and hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair bills. 

Tire Trouble

Visiting the tire and alignment service center is vital to safe driving. Getting new tires, alignment, and balancing are just some of the ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly down the road. Something as simple as proper tire pressure is important in preventing expensive repairs and breakdowns. 

Your car is a vital tool in your daily life. Don't find yourself without wheels, stranded and having to get towed to a repair shop. Be proactive now to prevent underlying issues from getting worse. Find an auto repair shop near you to learn more. 

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