Tips For Identifying A Problematic Voltage Regulator In Your Vehicle

There are many parts of your vehicle that can break, which can cause a variety of symptoms that you notice when driving. That's why it's important to know the signs that a part is going bad so that you can act early and prevent a big problem with driving.

One of those parts to be aware of is the voltage regulator, which has the job of preventing the battery from overcharging or undercharging. When it's working properly, your battery will remain charged and not fail due to being charged too much. Here are some signs that something is wrong with it.

Battery Warning Light

One of the first signs that you may notice is the battery warning light on your dashboard. Without knowing what the problem is exactly, you can take your vehicle to an auto parts store or local mechanic to read the error code that has caused the light to turn on. This can really help narrow down the problem to the voltage regulator and save you a lot of trouble. However, the battery light may not come on if there is a problem, so you need to know about other signs and symptoms.

Discharged Battery

Did you go to start your vehicle and nothing happened? This includes the engine not cranking when you turn the key. This is a problem that can be due to the voltage regulator not allowing enough voltage to pass through and charge the battery, and now it doesn't have any power left in it.

One temporary fix is to jump-start the vehicle and drive it around for a while to charge the battery. If you turn the vehicle off and run into a similar problem the next day, then you know that it wasn't due to an accessory being left on and using power. Look into the voltage regulator as a reason the battery is draining.

Dead Battery

Many people associate a dead battery with one that is drained. However, you can experience a dead battery from it getting too much power. If you end up replacing the battery well before its expiration date, it is worth considering that the voltage regulator may be the problem. If you do not have this part inspected, then a new battery is just going to overcharge and cause the exact same problem. Have a mechanic test the voltage regulator to ensure it is working well.

Contact a car repair shop for more information. 

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