6 Examples Of Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is important if you'd like your vehicle to have a longer life. There are a few different things that you can routinely do to reduce the chance of your vehicle breaking down or prematurely dying. 

6 Examples of Preventative Maintenance

Every vehicle requires preventative maintenance to ensure it lasts longer. 

1. Oil and Filter Change 

There are a few different types of oil your vehicle may take:

  • Standard oil
  • Synthetic oil
  • High mileage oil

You will need to change your oil after you hit a certain number of miles. The number of miles will depend on the type of oil you put in your car. It's important to change your oil as often as recommended by your auto shop to ensure your engine does not overheat.

2. Tire Rotation

To make your tires last longer, it's important to get them rotated. The front and back tires on a vehicle do not wear at the same rate. Therefore, it is recommended that every six months, you swap around the front and back tires so they wear at the same rate. 

3. Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment may not be something you think about much, but it can help your car drive nicer and improve your gas mileage. A wheel alignment makes sure that your tires are all lined up with each other. 

4. Wheel Balance

If you're experiencing vibrating while driving, you may need to get your tires balanced. Without balanced tires, your suspension system can get damaged. A wheel balance consists of making sure the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed through the whole axel.

5. Replace Windshield Wipers

 If you get caught in the rain with bad windshield wipers, it could result in you having to pull over and wait it out or even a bad accident. These need to be replaced when you start to notice they aren't doing their job as well as they used to. 

6. Battery Test

Having a good battery is extremely important. If your battery is dying, your vehicle may struggle to start and leave you stranded. A dying battery will struggle even more in the cold weather. Many auto shops have free battery tests you can take advantage of. If you've noticed your vehicle isn't starting like it used to or your headlights are dimming, call your favorite auto shop to schedule a test. Generally, your battery will need to be replaced every four to five years

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