Sprinter Vans: Commonly Needed Repairs

If you have a van, you know how useful it can be. However, there are certain aspects of vans that can break easily, which will be discussed presently. If you decide to get a van, you should find a good car repair company that you can build a rapport with over the years. They will be able to help you overcome any challenges you run into, and keep you driving around for years to come. 

Here are a few ways in which your van may need some attention in the years you own it.

Glow Plugs

Instead of using spark plugs like most vehicles, the diesel van uses glow plugs that only ignite with the engine. As with spark plugs, glow plugs can be broken or wear down over years of use and will need to be replaced around 100,000 miles. Unfortunately, since they are rarer than spark plugs, you may not be able to do the work on your own, and finding an experienced mechanic is likely necessary. 

Particulate Filter System

Another issue common with vans comes about when the diesel particulate filter becomes gunked up. You can know that this is an issue when you see black smoke coming out of the tailpipe, or your engine begins having a lot of trouble. A blocked particulate filter system will make it so that exhaust is not able to escape the engine and can cause big problems. It is possible to buy a particulate filter online and replace it yourself, though failing to do so successfully may potentially cause your engine to shut down. Again, it is likely better to leave it to the professionals. 

Transmission Fluid Levels

It may seem like a little issue, but when the transmission fluid levels are off, your van may make really odd scary sounds. Some people say that it sounds similar to driving over a rumble strip on the freeway. If you have had this issue for a long amount of time, it can actually wear out your torque converter clutch, which will need to be rebuilt or replaced. 

In conclusion, every car has issues. Don't let a van's minor issues keep you from enjoying this wonderful vehicle for years to come. Instead, get an auto service that offers services such as Mercedes Benz Sprinter van repair to help you out with any of these issues. Get in touch today to get back on the road.

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