3 Reasons Your Car's Air Conditioner Isn't Cooling Down Your Car

When the weather is hot and humid, you want a cool car to retreat to when you hit the road. If your AC isn't working properly, you might be miserable every time you drive. You may even drive with the windows down, which might not be safe in city driving, especially at night. If your car's AC is not keeping you cool, take your car to the AC repair shop. You might even prevent damage to the air conditioner parts by having prompt repairs done. Here are three things that keep your car's AC from working as it should.

1. Dirty Condenser

The condenser is an important part of the air conditioning system in your car that helps the refrigerant cool down the cabin. A few things can damage the condenser, including too much refrigerant. This is why it may not be a good idea to buy a can of refrigerant and add it to your car when your AC isn't cool. Too much refrigerant can be damaging to the AC parts.

The condenser can also malfunction when it's dirty. When the AC mechanic pulls the condenser out of your car and shines a light behind it, the light may barely shine through due to a buildup of grime and dirt. If the only thing wrong is that the condenser is dirty, the mechanic might just clean it and put it back in. If the condenser has other damage, then the mechanic will need to replace it.

2. Leaking Compressor

If your car has a refrigerant leak, a commonplace for this to happen is on the compressor. The mechanic can locate the link with dye and a black light, or they can just follow the hissing sound. If the compressor is damaged and leaking refrigerant, the compressor can be removed and replaced with a new one. After that, a new refrigerant is added so that your car cools down when you turn the AC on.

3. Bad Fan Relay

The fan relay powers the fan that cools down the AC in your car. If the relay goes bad, the fan won't work, and that causes the AC to overheat. The relay might go bad because of corrosion or loose wiring. An auto AC repair mechanic can put in a new relay so the fan works again and your car cools down.

Your car's air conditioning system is composed of several parts and they're subject to a lot of wear, extreme temperatures, and grime from the road. It's difficult to diagnose a problem on your own, and fixing an AC often requires tools you may not have.

Running your car's AC when it isn't working right can compound the damage sometimes, so take your car to an auto AC repair shop when you notice your car isn't as cool as it usually is or when your AC makes weird noises. A mechanic can get the problem fixed so further damage is prevented and so you can drive in cool comfort again.

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