Maintenance Mistakes Vehicle Owners Often Make

If you are to protect your vehicle from the types of wear that it can expect to experience over the course of time, there are many steps that you will have to regularly do to protect the vehicle. However, there are some mistakes that can commonly result in a car experiencing major performance problems.

Leaving A Dirty Air Filter In Place

The air filter is responsible for removing large debris and particles from the air that is being directed into the engine. The engine will need to have a stable source of airflow as the fuel will be aerosolized before it is ignited. This can substantially increase the energy output of the fuel. When this filter becomes dirty, it can reduce the flow of air into the system, which can reduce the power that is being created along with increasing the accumulation of fuel in the engine. Luckily, these air filters can go several months between replacements so that you can limit the costs of having this part of the engine replaced.

Failing To Replace The Engine's Belt

A belt system will be used to transfer the energy that is being produced by the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. If this belt were to rip or tear, it could result in the vehicle completely losing power. In addition to this risk of being left stranded, an engine belt that suddenly fails could cause extensive damage to the rest of the engine components. In some cases, the entire engine may need to be rebuilt following damage from a rupturing drive belt. This component can be difficult to see, which may mean that large portions of the engine may need to be disassembled before the new belt can be installed. This can be complicated, and a professional auto service should be retained to complete this important maintenance.

Improper Winterization

Extreme wear and damage can occur to your vehicle. Failing to protect the engine from the effects of extreme cold can lead to the formation of ruptures in the engine. These ruptures form as the fluids in the engine start to freeze. In addition to this source of major damage, failing to properly winterize the vehicle may also involve failing to update the tires of the vehicle to products that are designed for use on roads that have snow and ice on them. Without these tires, you could find that it is extremely difficult to maintain control of the vehicle when you are driving it in these conditions.

Visit an auto service to take care of your vehicle.

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