2 Main Problems Leading To Poor Fuel Economy And How They Can Be Fixed

Is your car running out of fuel too fast? If so, this is a sign of low fuel mileage. If you don't get the problem addressed quickly enough, you'll end up spending more on fuel, making your vehicle's running costs spike.

A variety of factors can lead to a poor fuel economy. The best thing to do if you discover that your car is consuming more fuel than usual is to visit a car service shop near you for accurate diagnosis and proper repair of the problem.

Here's a look at some of the most common culprits behind high fuel consumption and how they can be corrected.

Incorrect engine oil

Engine oil is vital for the proper functioning of your car's engine. But not all engine oil products are created equal. Engine oil comes in a range of grades, and choosing the right grade of oil for your engine is crucial for maximizing the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. 

If you choose the wrong engine oil grade, your engine won't function properly, and your car's fuel consumption will increase. Vehicle makers often recommend what engine oil products you should put in your car. When the time comes for making engine oil changes, make sure you use the right type and quality of oil for your car make and model.

Dirty air filter

Your car's engine generates power by burning fuel and air that have been mixed in the correct ratio. It has an air filter that traps airborne dirt particles and helps to prevent them from entering the engine and causing problems.

Over time, the engine air filter becomes clogged with dirt. When this happens, insufficient amounts of air will be supplied to the engine, resulting in an incorrect fuel-air ratio (more fuel and less air present in the mixture). This will result in increased fuel consumption.

An easy fix for this problem is to change dirty air filters on schedule. A new air filter allows a sufficient supply of clean air into your engine, maximizing vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Generally, poor fuel economy is a problem that can be avoided by undertaking proper maintenance on your car. Following your vehicle manufacturer's suggested car servicing schedule will help keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, thus ensuring optimal fuel consumption. The experts at a car service shop near you can help to meet all your car needs, from maintenance to repair. For more information about auto services for different cars, like BMW services, contact a local dealer.

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