Why Is Your Check Engine Light On?

When you get in your car, one of the first things you notice is which lights are on. Your check engine light might be trying to tell you something, and it is something you may notice right away. How do you know what issue needs to be repaired before you even know what the problem is? 

These are some reasons why your check engine light might be on.

First: Don't Ignore the Light

The first thing you need to know is that ignoring the light is a bad idea. No matter what you think is the problem, avoid ignoring the issue that could be causing more damage while you wait to check it out. Your issue could worsen without attention.

Spark Plugs

Your check engine light could actually be telling you that you have a problem with your spark plugs and the pieces they impact, like coils. The issue could be as simple as needing to change your spark plugs.


In some cases, thermostats can trigger the check engine light. The light may be telling you that you need to replace your thermostat or else your vehicle could overheat. Replacement or repair can be a useful tool for turning off the engine light.

Evaporative Emissions Issues

There are several issues with your evaporative emissions components that could cause your light to come on. For example, you might have an issue with your emissions purge control valve or solenoid. Replacement may be needed.

Other Sensors

Oxygen sensors, airflow sensors, and other issues can be the main reason behind your light coming on. It could also be that a sensor is telling you your gas cap isn't on correctly or needs to be replaced. The issue could be that a problem exists or that the sensor is just reading something incorrectly.

Something More Serious

There are also more serious issues your check engine light could be trying to tell you. For example, you may need a new catalytic converter. Perhaps you need to replace your fuel injector. These are issues you likely need to rely on a mechanic to handle. These issues are more on the pricey side.

Check Engine Light Repair Is Available

A professional can help you determine why your check engine light is on. A mechanic can help you identify the reason why your light is on and then fix the issue causing it. Bring your car in to identify the problem.

Contact a check engine light repair service to learn more.

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