Why Wheel Alignment Service Is Important After Struts Replacement

Automotive repair technicians advise their customers to include wheel alignment service when struts are replaced. Many repair garages do not have alignment equipment, so they make an arrangement with a nearby dealership to do this portion of the work. Owners of cars and pickup trucks who prefer to have all the tasks completed at the same place can select a full-service garage.


Many vehicle owners delay replacement of struts and shocks after the problem becomes evident. For instance, the chassis may be bouncing up and down after going over a dip or bump. Grinding noises may have developed. There could be a sense of drifting while making a curve or a sharp turn. The automobile may also take longer to stop when braking.

Don't Delay

People might delay repair work if they are experiencing financial struggles or have minimal spare time. It's essential not to drive the vehicle like this for too long, however. Tires start to wear unevenly and may require early replacement. The braking issue is a risk factor for an accident. As the abnormal movement of the suspension gets worse, excess strain on the control arms and ball joints can actually cause them to break.

Struts, Shocks, and Wheel Alignment

Alignment is important after this type of work because struts are structural parts of the suspension system. Along with other components, they suspend the automobile's weight and transfer it to the wheels. Since struts support the wheels, replacing worn parts can alter the alignment. When wheels are not aligned, they point in different directions. This can be very slight while still having negative effects, such as uneven tread wear and a rougher ride.

Shock absorbers, in contrast, dampen vibrations and control movement of the springs and suspension. These parts make a car or pickup truck easier to manage while steering. Replacing shocks may not require alignment because they are not structural components of the suspension.


When vehicle owners get a new set of tires, having wheel alignment done at the same appointment is advisable. This ensures that the tread wears evenly. Getting new ones during the appointment for struts and shocks replacement might be a good idea, especially if the customer has been driving with worn suspension parts for a long time.

Getting Started

To prevent wear on other components and possible serious damage, it's important to schedule struts replacement and wheel alignment promptly. After the work is complete, the owner will have peace of mind that the suspension now functions properly. The car or truck is safer to drive, and the ride is more comfortable too. For more information, contact a wheel alignment service.

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