Finding An Auto Repair Shop You Are Comfortable With

When you need to have some repairs done on your car, you need to feel comfortable about the shop you are using. Finding an auto repair shop that you trust is not difficult, but there are a few things to consider and questions that you may want to ask before taking your car to any shop.

Location of The Shop

While it might seem like a small thing, the auto repair shop you are considering needs to be located in a convenient area for you. If the shop is miles away, getting your car to the shop can be problematic, and dropping off the vehicle can be troublesome. 

Looking for a shop that is near your house or job is your best bet because you can drop the car off and walk to your home or work while the vehicle is being repaired. Working with an auto repair shop that is close by also means you can check in on the work's progress during the day. 

Shop And Tech Certifications

Finding an auto repair shop that is certified by the ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) is one way to ensure that the shop offers the highest quality auto repair work. The shop will have a sign that looks like a blue gear with the letter ASE on it in white. This certification is not easy to get, so a shop that has put effort into getting it is a shop that is willing to put in the extra work to ensure that the work they put out is of the highest quality possible. 

Many of these ASE certified shops also have techs that are also certified through the institute working for them. These techs will have the patch on their shirt showing the certification so that you know you are working with a tech that has extensive training and is certified to do the work you need to be done. 

There are also some additional certifications that apply to specific systems like air conditioning or transmission work, and these techs will have a patch that says air conditioning or whatever the specialty is on the patch.

Customer Service

One of the first things that you will notice when you check out a new auto shop is the attention you get from the service advisor you speak to at the shop. It is essential that they listen to what your car is doing and take the time to talk with you when the work is complete so that you know what was done to your vehicle. 

Look for a friendly shop that can take time to talk over your car's problems with you.

For more information about auto repair, reach out to a local shop, or check out a website like

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