Get Ready For Summer With Recharging When Your Auto AC Stops Cooling

As the warmer summer months get closer, you want to make sure you have AC for traffic jams. Sometimes, there are problems that can cause auto AC compressors to lose gas. This can often be due to common wear, but it could be due to other problems. Your AC should be serviced and checked for problems before summer. The following AC recharging and servicing will help you prepare your car for summer traffic jams:

Options for Recharging Your Auto AC

There are a lot of options to recharge your auto AC. There are options to use the same gas that it was manufactured with, as well as alternatives. Some of the options to recharge an auto AC include:

  • Original manufacturer refrigerants
  • Professional recharging with compatible refrigerants
  • Green environmentally-friendly gases to convert your auto AC

The newest AC gases are environmentally friendly and are also available in kits. Even if you use green refrigerant gases, you will want to have your system serviced by a professional technician.

Inspecting the AC for Damaged Components

There are also various components of your auto AC that can be damaged. You will want to have these components repaired before you recharge the gas. Some of the AC components that may be damaged and need to be replaced include:

  • Bad valves and connections
  • Damaged AC lines
  • Problems with brackets and belts

If there are leaks or failing parts, make sure these repairs are done before charging your AC. These repairs will ensure you do not lose the gas again, right after having the system recharged.

Adjusting the AC Bracket to Tighten the Belt

Sometimes, the issue with your auto AC is due to a loose belt. This can cause problems with the AC compressor. The bracket for the AC needs to be adjusted, and the belt tightened to solve this problem. When recharging the system, you want to make sure these adjustments are made.

Other Servicing When You Recharge Your AC

There are different components of an auto AC that need to be serviced. In addition to recharging the gas, other work needs to be done. The auto AC refrigerant charge services that you should have done before summer includes:

  • Adjusting the belt and pulley
  • Changing blown fuses that affect the AC
  • Changing the cabin air filter

Make sure to change filters and check fuses to ensure all the AC components are working. You may want to change the cabin air filter throughout the year.

Get ready for summer by having your auto air conditioner serviced. Call an auto AC service to recharge your car's AC before you need it during heatwaves.

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