Keeping Your Car on the Road With Basic Maintenance Tasks

When it comes to auto maintenance on your car, there are many small tasks that should be a regular part of the process. People often remember the big items, but there are some things you can check or have your mechanic check that can make a difference in the way your vehicle runs and drives.  

Air Filtration

There are several air filters in most vehicles, and changing or cleaning them should be part of your maintenance plan. The primary air filter is the engine air filter, and the auto maintenance services tech you use should check it every time the oil is changed in the car. 

This air filter allows air to get into the engine but not dirt. As it filters the dirt and other material out, the filter will start to clog with debris, and the airflow through the filter will be restricted. This can affect the way the engine runs and reduce fuel efficiency. 

Replacing the air filter or cleaning reusable filters is an essential part of your car's auto maintenance plan. You can check the filter at home if you know where it is and replace it yourself in many cases.

Belts and Hoses

Open the hood on your car from time to time and look at the belts and hoses on the engine. If they look cracked, worn, or damaged, you need to have your mechanic look at them. Hoses and belts are an essential part of auto maintenance because if they fail, the engine will not run, and you may find yourself needing a tow to the garage for repairs that could have been avoided.  

Exterior Lighting

One of the most neglected items on the auto maintenance list for most cars is the exterior lighting. Most people do not consider it unless a light goes out, and even then, cars are often driven with one working headlight or a taillight out until a police officer stops the car and tells the driver to fix it. 

Replacing headlights and bulbs is not difficult on most cars, but you can take your car to your mechanic for auto maintenance and have them replace the light or bulb. Take the time to walk around the car once a week and check the lights, and remember to check the turn indicators and the brake lights as well. 

Park your car close to the garage door or a wall and step on the brake pedal to see if the brake lights come on, or have a friend check them when you are getting in the car once a week. And remember when you check the headlights, the high and low beams need to work on both lights, or they need replacing.

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