Semi Truck Repairs To Prepare For Deliveries And Avoid Failures On The Road

When you drive a truck, failures cost you time and money. Repairing problems before they cost you money is a must. You need to identify serious issues when doing maintenance to ensure problems get repaired before you have to deal with failures. The following semi-truck repairs could be some of the things you need to have done to stay on the road:

Electrical Inspections And Repairs

Start semi-truck repairs with a thorough electrical inspection. You want to identify the problems that can cause issues when trying to deliver cargo. Some of the common electrical problem areas with trucks include:

  • Checking batteries and battery terminals for damage
  • Replace or repair trailer wiring connections
  • Replace any damaged lights
  • Replace blown fuses
  • Repair damaged or worn wires

The electrical issues need to be repaired before you begin a long trip.

Checking Air Brakes For Problems

Before driving, you also need to check your air brakes for potential problems. Issues with tuck air brake systems can cause hazards and fines when you get stopped. The brake repairs that your truck may need to have done before traveling include:

  • A damaged compressor that needs repairs
  • Repair worn lines that leak
  • Replace blown seals that cause failures
  • Repair connectors that are leaking

Make sure that you repair any problems with your brakes before traveling. This will ensure your truck is safe, and you do not get fines when you get stopped.

Diesel Engine Problems That Need Repairs

The diesel engine in your truck can also be the cause of several problems. These often get worse as the truck strains to pull cargo. Therefore, you want to have your diesel engine checked out before picking up any loads. The most common engine problems that you may need to have repaired include:

  • Bad fuel pumps
  • Issues with fuel injectors
  • Blown gaskets causing pressure loss 
  • Smoking and burning oil

Before driving your truck on another delivery, make sure that these engine repairs are done.

Dealing With Transmission Problems

It is important to deal with transmission to ensure your truck can pull cargo without problems. Transmission repairs that you may need include:

  • Clutch and linkage issues
  • Blown seals causing leaks
  • Grinding gears and trouble shifting

The transmission problems can cause serious issues when you are trying to haul cargo. Make sure to inspect your transmission and have repairs done before you pick up cargo.

Keep up with maintenance and have your semi-truck repaired when repairs are needed. Call a semi-truck repair service for more information. 

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