Saving Money with a Used Fifth Wheel Hitch System

Installing a fifth wheel hitch system in your truck to pull a trailer or camper is a good option, and the fifth wheel can offer far more stability than a standard drawbar style hitch. These systems might go over your budget, though. Instead, consider using a used fifth wheel to save some money. Here's a look at the process. 

Locating a Used Fifth Wheel

When you are looking for used fifth wheels, you may want to contact businesses that sell and install hitches on trucks and SUVs to see if they have any used fifth wheels removed from vehicles that you can purchase from them. The fifth wheel needs to be in good condition. If you are not sure what to check on the hitch, buying one from a company like this can make it easier to be sure you are getting one that is not going to fail or is damaged in some way. 

If you are looking at used fifth wheels that are being sold by private sellers, check the fifth wheel over carefully and look for any signs of apparent damage to the mount, the table, and the other components that are part of the system. If something looks off, it is better to skip that fifth wheel and find one in better shape. The last thing you need is to buy a hitch that fails you when you are towing a trailer with it. This could damage the truck or trailer, or cause an accident. 

Professional Installation

Once you locate a used fifth wheel that is in good shape, you should consider having a professional technician install the fifth wheel on your truck for you. The tech will be able to tell if something is missing or if there is an issue with the unit. They can then properly install the brackets and mounts that support the fifth wheel. 

Used fifth wheels may not have all the bolts, brackets, and other parts needed to install the fifth wheel on your truck, but if a pro is doing the work for you, they may have all the parts required or be able to order them for you. Professional installation ensures that the fifth wheel is attached correctly to the truck's frame and is the best way to reduce the chance of failure. 

The installation cost will add to the price of the hitch, but you'll likely still save money than if you went with a new fifth wheel. Contact local auto services to learn more about used fifth wheels. 

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