Adding Tasks Like Lamp Inspection To Your Brake Inspection Checklist

The brakes on your vehicle are paramount to your safety. You need to make sure that they are in prime condition for safe driving. To keep them intact and ready to use, you need to give your vehicle a yearly brake inspection. There are several other types of inspection that you should also add to your brake inspection checklist to ensure your car is in working order.

Lamp Inspection

Every state requires drivers to have brake lamps that work on their vehicles. Brake lamps are critical for alerting other traffic and pedestrians around you that you are backing up or stopping. They prevent accidents and give pedestrians behind you a chance to clear your vehicle without getting hit.

Having your brake lamps inspected every year can ensure that you are not driving without these important parts. If the lamp inspection shows that one or both of your lamps are burned out, you can act quickly to get them replaced before you drive your vehicle again.

Pads Inspection

Your brake inspection checklist should also include inspecting your brake pads. The pads prevent your brakes from grinding metal on metal when you slow your vehicle down or come to a stop. The pads need ample cushioning on them to protect the metal gears of your brakes and prevent squealing, grinding and scraping when you press on the brake pedal.

If the inspections shows that your brake pads are wearing out, you can make an appointment with your mechanic to have them replaced. You should avoid driving on brakes that are not safe and keep from wearing out brake parts like the shoes or calipers.

Fluid Check

Your brake inspection should likewise include having your brake fluid checked. The brake fluid reservoir needs to be full so your brakes operate correctly. If the fluid is low, you may need to push your brake pedal completely to the floor to get your vehicle to stop. There is no pressure in your brake pedal, and stopping quickly can be more challenging, if not impossible.

Knowing where the brake fluid dipstick is, however, can be confusing to some drivers. The mechanic performing your brake inspection can find the brake fluid reservoir, check its level and refill it if necessary.

These tasks are some to include on your brake inspection checklist. A yearly lamp inspection prevents you from driving without working lamps. You can also have your pads and brake fluid checked.

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