Is It Time To Get Your Vehicle's Oil Changed?

Not sure if it's time to get the oil changed in your vehicle? Here are some signs to look for that will tell you that you are overdue for an oil change.

Check The Oil Level

The first thing you should do is check the oil level in your vehicle. The oil tank has a dipstick that lists the minimum and maximum amount of oil that the vehicle should have. Many people typically don't have too much oil, but it is possible that you've been driving for so long without an oil change that the levels have dropped. Simply having too little oil in your vehicle may justify that it's time to get an oil change. May as well replace all of the oil at the same time if levels are lower than usual, and the mechanic may even find an oil leak in the process.

Check The Oil Color

When oil is fresh, it has a color that is a bit transparent and brown, and as it gets older, the color becomes less transparent and darker. If the oil still looks transparent and light in color, then you know that the oil is still good and you can continue driving. However, oil that is dirty needs to be changed soon.

Check The Mileage

There are mileage limits where changing your oil is recommended due to how much you've been driving. However, every vehicle has their own recommendations for how many miles to go between oil changes, and the type of oil that is used in your vehicle also has a recommendation. There is no absolute number to go by for every vehicle, so it will take a bit of research to figure it out. When in doubt, ask your auto shop where you typically have your oil changed. They may have left a sticker that has a recommendation based on mileage or have the mileage of your vehicle documented from your last oil change.

Check The Time

In addition to mileage, there is a time limit for how frequently you should have the oil changed. Oil that is sitting in your vehicle and not being used can also go bad and require replacement, with different oils having their own time limits for replacement. Even if you are not driving that often, it may be time for an oil change based on how long it has been since the last time the oil was replaced. 

Reach out to a mechanic to schedule an oil change.

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