Boost Your Seasonal Revenue: Dump Trailers In The Fall And Winter

Dump trailers are a cheap investment for any business that routinely hauls large loads. Their relatively low upfront and operating costs make them an excellent option for everyone from landscapers to construction crews. If you run a seasonal summer business, however, then seeing your equipment sitting idle through the colder months can be painful.

Fortunately, dump trailers are useful all year-long. If you have a trailer and tow vehicle that sees less use once fall rolls around, then these straightforward ideas may help to provide a seasonal boost to your company's revenue.

Tidying Up For Fall

Spring and summer are the typical months for landscaping, but fall is a great time to take advantage of some extra yard waste hauling capacity. As the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, most homeowners find their yards full of difficult-to-remove junk. Since not all municipalities offer free yard waste pick-up services, this is a great time to put your trailer to use.

In addition to taking away old and dying leaves, fall is generally when homeowners begin a variety of tidying projects. Most people will find themselves in need of a way to get rid of everything from garden waste to pruned branches. Running a simple yard waste pick-up service can help to ensure that your unused trailers pay their way through autumn.

Clearing All Winter Long

Don't stow your trailer once fall turns to winter. Plowing is a great way to earn a few extra bucks in snowy areas, but dump trailers can turn this side gig into a money-making machine. Excess snow can often be a massive hassle for property owners, even after they have it plowed out of driveways or parking lots. Not only do snow piles get in the way, but meltwater can become a severe hazard.

Dump trailers offer a great way to deal with this problem. Since the typical dump trailer is much lower than a dump truck, loading snow into a trailer bed requires less effort and, more importantly, less expensive equipment. By using your trailer in this way, you can give the winter side of your business a considerable leg up on the competition.

Keeping It Rolling

However you choose to use to put your trailers to work, keeping your equipment operating all year-long is an excellent way to ensure that your initial investment continues to pay off. As you discover the revenue potential of these fall and winter operations, you may even find that yourself further expanding your fleet!

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