3 Performance Benefits of Synthetic Lubricants

Like any motor oil, a synthetic lubricant contains some crude oil. However, synthetic products modify this oil and change its overall chemical and physical properties. This gives you a lubricant that is artificially made but that does the same job as traditional products.

In fact, synthetic lubricants have some benefits that could improve the performance of your car. What are they?

1. Fewer Changes

Conventional lubricants, like traditional motor oils, aren't completely unadulterated.  They may contain some impurities that affect the length of time they can work most effectively.

So, as it ages, a regular lubricant will sludge up. It might break down if it is exposed to temperature extremes, and it may suffer from oxidization problems.

A synthetic alternative is less likely to have these problems. The purity of these lubricants reduces sludging. They also handle temperature changes more effectively without any changes in composition. Plus, they are less likely to have problems with oxidization.

From your perspective, this simply means that your oil lasts longer before you need to change it. While synthetic lubricants may cost a little more to start with, their longer life and enhanced performance time should save you money in the long run.

2. Better Fuel Consumption

As a regular oil gets older, it loses some of its ability to do its job. For example, it may not lubricate in the right places whenever it should. It may create too much drag and friction on your engine's parts.

If your engine can't run smoothly and effectively, then it may start to burn too much fuel. This increases your consumption and costs.

Synthetic lubricants work much more efficiently. They don't tend to lose their lubricating properties; they work to reduce issues like drag and friction. So, your fuel consumption could reduce if you use this kind of lubricant.

3. Fewer Engine Problems

Motor lubricants work to keep your car running smoothly and safely. However, if they can't do their jobs, they can cause problems. For example, some oils may not be able to start lubricating their parts effectively in cold weather. They need things to warm up before they reach the right consistency.

Until this happens, an oil might not be able to lubricate its parts or keep them at the right temperature. You could have problems with friction damage or parts getting hotter than they should be.

If you use a synthetic oil, then the oil is more stable. Your engine should run more smoothly and go for longer without needing repairs.

To learn more, contact AMSOIL synthetic motor lubricant dealers. They can tell you more about the benefits of making this switch.

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