Transmission Leaks and Problems That Affect Performance

Problems with the transmission of your car can seriously affect performance. Therefore, you are going to need to find issues with leaks and other transmission problems that cause poor performance. The problem with your transmission may be something as simple as a leak, or it could be a more serious problem. The following transmission leaks and problems are some of the issues you will want to look for when you notice a problem:

Leaking Seals

The seals of the transmission can fail and be the cause of serious problems. The main seal of your transmission is where it connects to the engine, and if it fails, you could have serious problems with performance. Therefore, you will want to make sure to have the seal replaced if you notice transmission fluid or oil leaking around the main seal of your transmission.

Damaged Transmission Pan 

Another area where you may have problems with the transmission is the pan. This is the pan at the bottom of the transmission where fluids collect. The pan has a gasket that can wear out and cause fluid to leak out of the transmission. In addition, there is also a drain and bolts that could be the cause of transmission leaks if they are too loose.

The Transmission Burning Fluids

Just like your engine burning oil, the transmission fluid can also burn. This happens when there is friction due to using the wrong fluid or problems with the gears. If you check the transmission fluid and it is black, you will want to take your car in to have the problem looked at. The transmission may need a new flywheel or for gears to be replaced. 

Other Leaks and Issues That Cause Transmission Fluid Loss

The issue with fluid loss could be to other leaks, such as a dipstick not fitting right or problem with a connection or line to the transmission. These problems often start out as minor issues but can cause serious performance problems if you do not have them fixed. Routinely check for problems with leaks around the dipstick, hydraulic lines, and other components that are connected to your transmission. Fix these minor leaks before they lead to severe damage to your transmission.

These are some of the transmission leaks and problems that can affect the performance of your car. If you need help, contact a transmission repair service before the problems cause serious damage to your car.

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