Common Problems With An Automobile's Heating System

During the cold winter months, most people rely on their car's heating system to keep the inside of their vehicle warm and comfortable while the temperatures outside are freezing. Thus, when a car's heating system stops working properly, it can be alarming. No one wants to commute to work in a car that is icy cold inside on a chilly winter day. Luckily, most automobile heating problems can be repaired by an experienced vehicle heating repair technician. So, if your vehicle is no longer producing warm air when you turn on your heater, it is in your best interest to take your car to an auto repair shop. Some of the most common issues with a car's heating system include:

Blower Fan Failure

The heating system inside an automobile is quite complex and involves several different components. One of those components is the blower fan, which is responsible for blowing out hot o cold air, depending on whether the heater or air conditioning is running. When a blower fan is no longer working, the warm air created within the heating system does not make it into the cabin of the vehicle. If you notice that little to no air is coming out of your vents when you turn the heater on, it may be due to a damaged blower fan.

Faulty Heating Core

In simple terms, the heating core inside a ca is akin to a little radiator that circulates heated air from under the dashboard of a car and into the cabin when the heater is turned on. While heating cores are designed to last a long time, they can wear out and stop functioning. When this happens, the entire heating system will cease to operate as it should. A vehicle heating repair technician will be able to inspect your heating system and determine if there is a problem with the heating core.

Contaminated Coolant

The coolant inside a car plays a role in both the air conditioning and heater. Thus, it is important to keep coolant levels stable all year long. But, over time, coolant can become contaminated with a variety of things, such as rust. If this occurs, the contaminated coolant can block the heating core, and warm air will never make it to the cabin of an automobile. If this is the reason that your heater is not working, the coolant will be drained and flushed, and fresh coolant will be added. 

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