Different Types Of Auto Body Shops And What You Can Expect From Each

Auto body shops are not "one service fits all" sorts of businesses. In fact, there are a number of different types of auto shops, each with its own specialty lineup of services. Some of the different types, and what you can expect from each, are as follows.

Full Service

This type of shop does everything from engine repair to tires to scratch and dent repairs and detailing. They have left nothing off their menu of services. If there is something that they either cannot do or will not do, they know who can and will, and refer you to the other shops that can help. 

Just Tires and Brakes

All day, every day, this type of shop does nothing but brakes and tires. You can tell that this is what this type of shop does, just by driving by because they have stacks and stacks of tires on display outside the shop. They can fix and replace your brakes, put new tires on your vehicle, and rotate and balance the tires to make sure the brakes and the tires are all working as expected. When all you want and need are tires and/or brakes, this type of shop is perfect.

Just Paint Jobs

Painting, repainting, and touch-up jobs are what this type of shop specializes in. They can paint your vehicle any color you want, including the expensive and rare paint colors and finishes. If an ex keys your car, this shop buffs out the key marks and repaints the affected areas. If you want to freshen up the coat of paint already on your car or give your car a rust-proof sealing coat, they can do that, too. 

Just Windows

Auto glass places make a lot of money, seconded only by engine repairs and brake repairs. When a side window on the car does not roll down or roll down properly, this shop replaces the window clips and/or the motor to make sure your windows work. If someone takes a bat or a rock to either of your windshields, this shop removes the damaged glass, cleans everything up, and then replaces the windshield(s) for you. 

Just Fluids (and Parts)

This shop does oil changes and tops off all of the necessary fluids in your vehicle. A full-service oil change includes all of the necessary fluids, including brake, transmission, oil, windshield, etc. If you want, they will even replace your wipers for an additional charge.

For more information, contact a local auto body shop.

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